Clear Acrylic Dome lens Plastic Hemisphere for Drone Camera

Item Number:20Y7M9601-Y1

Acrylic ports (acrylic dome lens) are a lot cheaper, lighter, and generally smaller, but they are less robust and much easier to scratch. Glass dome ports are more expensive, heavier, and often larger, as well as much more scratch resistant and better at shedding water.

  • Outer Diameter: 3mm - 300mm
  • Thickness: 1mm-30mm
  • Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.05mm or better
  • Surface Quality: 60-40 or better
  • Surface Accuracy: 1 lambda or as requested
  • Centration: 1 arc min or customized
  • Coating: Optional

1. Product Name : Clear Acrylic Dome

2. For Use :
– Camera Lens Protection
– CCTV Dome Acrylic Cover for Protection Device
– Fence Dog Window (Dog & Cat Fence Bubble Window in outdoor/indoor)
– Skylight Window
– Cover for action figures
– Acrylic Dome for Cosplay
– Drone Camera Lens Protection

3. Usual Dimension We Manufactured:
– Diameter : 1.2 ~ 80 inch Acrylic Dome (30 ~ 2,000mm)
– Height : 0.6 ~ 40 inch (15 ~ 1,000mm)
– Flange : 3 ~ 30mm
– Thickness : 2~ 10mm

4. Shape : Hemisphere

5. Material : Acrylic, PMMA, PC, Plastic, Glass, K9, Fused Silica, Sapphire, Borosilicate Glass

6. Transparency: ≥94% (depend on exact material)

7. Vandal-proof, ultraviolet resistance and aging resistance

8. Distortion factor: ≤0.16%

9. Note: If the IR lights too bright it will caused a reflection at Night.

Simple introduction of glass dome lens for underwater housing

We provide wholesale deal to customers worldwide, VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. manufacture plastic dome port and glass dome lens according customers' requirement, we also have large inventory of dome lenses in our warehouse, please feel free to contact for more details.

Here we'd like to provide some simple rough drawing that we produced for customers for your reference.

VY fabriciate optical glass dome or PMMA dome with different processing technology according to exact application, such as traditional cold-processing, hot-melting production method, blowing technology, molding processing, CNC technology etc., price will be reasonable and a best solution can be suggested.
VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. is a professional factory who produce and design various dome housing and camera housing, for example, half dome lens, dome with flange, hyper hemispherical dome lens, hyper dome port with flange and so on.

Part of dome ports we processed for customers for your better understanding of our company and products.


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