Tamron CCTV Lens 2.8mm 1/3inch CS mount Lens 13FG28IR

Item Number:P22C9Y0802Z-1

Tamron CCTV lenses are designed for indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems with day and night operation, a variable field of view, excellent low-light performance, and longevity.

  • Focal Length: 2.8mm
  • Format Size: 1/3", 1/4"
  • Mount: CS
  • MTF: 5 Mega Pixels
  • View Angle: 93.20°
  • Aperture(F No.): 1.2

Tamron CCTV lenses are designed for indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems with day and night operation, a variable field of view, excellent low-light performance, and longevity. Thanks to their compact build, they can easily be integrated into any CCTV installation.
Tamron Machine Vision Lenses are compatible with a variety of camera systems, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm. 

TAMRON quality lenses for your CCTV or video surveillance cameras offer a unique balance of optical quality, features, and price.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a Tamron CCTV lens
1)Compatibility: Tamron lenses are available for C-mount, CS-mount, Tamron
Original Mount, and other cusomized mount. 
2) Light: In low light, Infrared light, Day light, night light are all workable.
3) Iris Type: Support Manual, DC-iris, P-iris, Fixed.

Specification for Tamron lenses 13FG28IR as below.

Image Size 1/3 Operation Focus Manual with Lock
Mount Type CS  Zoom Manual with Lock
Focal Length 2.8mm Iris DC Auto Iris
Aperture Range 1.2-Close Operating Voltage Open 3.0V
Zoom Ratio 0.2mm- Close 0.7V
Field of View
1/3 93.2°×70.7° Overall Length 48mm
1/4 70.7°×53.4° Weight  36g

Please find structure diagram of Tamron lens CCTV manual 13FG28IR as follow:

When choosing a Tamron CCTV lens, you can consider things like: 
1. Compatibility: Whether the lens is compatible with your camera system
2. Image stabilization: Whether the lens is compatible with image stabilization
3. Size and weight: Whether the lens will fit in your camera bag, case, or backpack
4. Filter sizes: Whether you'll need to buy the same filter in multiple sizes
5. Lens type: Whether you want a fixed-focal, vari-focal, or zoom lens
6. Focal length: Whether the lens has a focal length that's suitable for your intended purpose
7. Infrared corrected: Whether you want an infrared corrected lens
8. Iris type: Whether you want a DC-iris, P-iris, or fixed iris
9. Mount: Whether you want a CS, Tamron Original, or other mount
10. Sensor size: Whether you want a 1/3", 1/2.8", 1/2.7", 1/2.5", 1/2", 1/1.8", 1/1.7", 2/3", or other sensor size
11. What you want to photograph: Whether the lens is suitable for your intended purpose

The sensor size of Tamron Surveillance Lenses main include 1/3",1/2.8",1/2.7",1/2.5",1/1.8",1/1.7",1/1.2",2/3',1.1" etc., besides, VY Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. also has our own direct R&D team that mainly develops various high-end and mid-range lenses, such as infrared lenses, night vision lenses, low-light lenses, eyepieces, laser rangefinders, gun sights, etc.


Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry, we are glad to assist you in the development of surveillance systems tailored to your needs.


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