f1.6mm CCTV Lens

Item Number:VY_C001

  • Focal Length: 5.0mm
  • Format Size: 1/1.7"
  • Mount: C
  • MTF: 5 Mega Pixels
  • View Angle: 72.6°/47.08°/60.63°
  • Aperture(F No.): 1.6

The simplest CCTV lens is a piece of glass (or plastic) to focus the light from the outside world onto the camera's imaging sensor. This lens' only adjustable mechanism is its focus-ring, part of the barrel body, which you turn until your image is as clear as possible.

VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. could fabricate and design varied of CCTV camera lenses as per your requirement, according to sensor size you use and effect you expect to achieve with lens for your CCTV camera, we could recommend a suitable mount, design a best focal length and view of angle.

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