Get a perfect look inside with a hole inspection lens

How to get a perfect look inside the nut thread with a hole inspection lens? 
Here we'd like to give a brief explaination the process of the automated medical device mould inspection using a inner hole inspection lens.

Almost every industry needs to inspect the components from the inside. For example:
1) Automotive need to inspect the motor is qualified; 
2) The precision mechanical parts will request to inspect the size and precision of nut thread; 
3) For the pharma industry, they have to assure all the containers and appliances are at right dimension and specification.
4) About industry of bottle and beverage, the caps and preform threads are also need to be inspected.

The dimensions of components may vary significantly from case to case and inspecting the inner surface with a multicamera system, looking at different sides of the cavity at an angle may often be very tricky due to defocusing faced at high magnifications and image stitching.  
Hole inspection lens that VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. manufactured allows to inspect inner surface of holes and cavities, delivering images in perfect focus. Due to its flexibility, one may cover objects that are from 10 to 120mm in diameter.
To have a good overview on a lens capabilities, please feel free to contact us to communicate more in details.

In addtion, it might be interesting to take a look at very good video that has been made by us showing  automated medical defice mould inspection machine using a camera and our Hole Inspection lens: 


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