Optical sapphire glass window with stage

Item Number:Y-P21E1X6201Y

  • Material: BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, LT, LN etc..
  • Dimension: 1.0mm-460mm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm-30mm
  • Surface Accuracy: lambda/20
  • Surface Quality: 10-5
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
  • Parallelism: 30"

What is optical window?

Optical Windows are flat, plane-parallel, transparent optical surfaces designed to protect sensors and other electronic instruments from environment conditions.

Optical Window selection considerations include material transmission properties as well as scattering, strength and resistance to certain environments. Their use should not impact on magnification of a system. Optical Windows can be optically polished and incorporate an element for diffusing light source to control illumination.

AR coatings can be applied to ensure maximum transmission performance for a particular wavelength. The windows are made in a range of materials including UV Fused Silica, Quartz, IR Crystals and optical glasses. Our optical window properties include x-ray protection, non-browning to UV light and light transmission from deep ultra violet to far-infrared.

Optical window can be a protection of original when it's in two physical environments. And there is almost no effect on visible light,to coating on the surface of windows could increase the transmittance,the commonly used coatings are antireflection coating (AR) and scratch-resistant coating(AS).Optical glass flat with coating can enhance the light penetration strength,and own function of waterproof ,dustproof,and scratch-proof.

Optical windows are typically fabricated from two flat, or commonly referred to as plano, polished surfaces that are optically transparent and intended to separate, seal, or otherwise protect other components. The double-sided manufacturing process yields exceptional parallelism and transmitted wavefront making it ideal for visible windows in industrial and biomedical applications, as well as IR windows in infrared and military/defense applications.

Why choose sapphire glass? 

The uncoated sapphire window is suitable for harsh conditions, including environments subject to high temperature, high pressure, and strong vacuum or corrosive environments. Sapphire has high compressive strength and resistance to strong acid corrosion.

Characteristics of Sapphire glass window:

1.Adapt to high temperature, high pressure or strong vacuum environment
2.High corrosion resistance
3.Transparency range from 170 nm to 5.5 µm
4.Very hard, more durable than standard optical glass

Picture show of our optical windows/protective window

Types of Optical Sapphire Glass Windows

Ultraviolet Windows

This kind of optial windows-ultraviolet windows are often used with laser instruments or other applications in medical, industrial and defense areas. Sydor Optics can help determine the best substrates, UV coatings, and other optical properties and custom manufacture UV windows to best meet your specific requirements and applications. Anti-Reflective (AR) coating is available for one or both surfaces.

Visible Windows

Visible windows are designed for use in the visible spectrum: the type of light visible to the human eye. Visible windows are ideal for protecting optical systems and other optical components, imaging or display systems, or other applications. Sydor Optics can custom manufacture visible windows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and substrates for various optics applications, including those with extreme temperatures or other challenging conditions. AR coating is available for one or both surfaces.

Infrared (IR) Windows

Infrared windows are often used in FLIR, FTIR spectroscopy, medical systems, thermal imaging, or other optics applications within the infrared light spectrum. IR windows can help protect your employees and equipment. Sydor Optics can custom manufacture IR windows in a variety of shapes, sizes, substrates, and coatings for various infrared applications. AR coating is available for one or both surfaces.

Specification of our optical window

Based upon more than 10 years'  experience, VY can fabricate and manufacture custom IR, UV and visible windows in a variety of custom sizes, shapes, and substrates. 

VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. offers all types of windows made from different materials and shapes. Optical windows with special size and materials are also available upon request. In addition, we provide a variety of single layer or multiplayer anti-reflecting coating on optical windows. The general parameters of our optical windows are as follows, and you are also welcome to customize the windows with your designs or drawings from VY optoelectronics.

Material BK7, Sapphire or other optical glass
Length tolerance +/-0.1
Width tolerance +/-0.1
Surface quality 80-50 to 10-5 Scratch/Dig
Surface flatness <lambda to lambda/20
Parallelism <=1min -- 2sec
Clear Apenture 80% -- 100%

Optical windows from VY:


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