Wholesale Interior Decoration Prisms High Quality Acrylic Color Octahedral Prism

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Optical prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that are designed to refract light. At least one surface must be angled — elements with two parallel surfaces are not prisms.

  • Material: BK7, sapphire glass, quartz glass, etc.
  • Dimension: 10-200mm
  • Surface Accuracy: 60-40 or better
  • Size Tolerance: +/-0.1mm or better
  • Angle Tolerance: +/-3’or 30”
  • Coating: Optional

What is optical prism?

Prism, in optics, a piece of glass or other transparent material cut with precise angles and plane faces, useful for analyzing and reflecting light. An ordinary triangular prism can separate white light into its constituent colors, called a spectrum.

Characteristics of Prisms

Prism's ability to be modeled as a system of plane mirrors in order to simulate the reflection of light within the prism medium. 
Replacing mirror assemblies is perhaps the most useful application of prisms, since they both bend or fold light and change image parity. 
Often, multiple mirrors are needed to achieve results similar to a single prism. 
Therefore, the substitution of one prism in lieu of several mirrors reduces potential alignment errors, increasing accuracy and minimizing the size and complexity of a system.


Types of prisms

There are four main types of prisms: dispersion prisms, deviation, or reflection prisms, rotation prisms, and displacement prisms. 
Deviation, displacement, and rotation prisms are common in imaging applications; dispersion prisms are strictly made for dispersing light, therefore not suitable for any application requiring quality images.


Dispersion Prisms

Optical prism dispersion is dependent upon the geometry of the prism and its index dispersion curve, based on the wavelength and index of refraction of the prism substrate. 
The angle of minimum deviation dictates the smallest angle between the incident ray and the transmitted rays. 
The green wavelength of light deviates more than red, and blue more than both red and green; red is commonly defined as 656.3nm, green as 587.6nm, and blue as 486.1nm.


Picture display of VY Acrylic Color Octahedral Prism


Video of color cube prisms

Specifications of crystal prism

Specifications Data
Material High Quality Acrylic
Surface Color Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Transparent
Length 125mm
Width 70mm


VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.'s production capacity of prism

VY Optics could manufacture wide range of prism, such as dove prism, penta prism, triangle prism, right angle prism, pyramid prism, beamsplitter prism, cube prism, wedge prism, Rhombic prism, roof prism, powell lens and amici prism etc..


People also ask

  • How does a color cube work?
    Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials which at first, appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. Twisting and turning the geometry creates new combinations, resulting in the appearance of new colours.

  • What is a CMYK cube?
    Each “CMY Cube” has translucent sides colored with the three primary colors: cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) and coated with special electromagnetically subtractive materials. With each twist and turn, these sides explode into a breathtaking array of stunning hues.


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