Wholesale IPL Machine Industrial No 52 IPL 200 1400nm Laser Protective Glasses

Item Number:X-P24G3D0401B

Laser safety glasses is very necessary for a laser power even 5mw, they are extensively used in the field of laser alignment, laser medical treatment, Laser industry etc. Lasers are more dangerous than most people understand, and your eyes are the most vulnerable to laser damage. Use properly with laser safety glasses can protect eyes even from low power laser beams.

  • Protection Range: 630-660nm&800-1100nm
  • Suitable Laser Wavelength: 635nm, 808nm, 980nm
  • Transmittance: 20%
  • Optical Density: 630 - 660nm OD4+ 800 - 1100nm OD5+
  • LB -Rating: 630 - 660nm DIR LB4 800 - 1100nm DIR LB5
  • Application: red lasers, 808&980nm diodes According :

VY Optics’ability to produce Laser Protective Glasses

VY engaged in Laser safety products develop and research, and we can supply you laser safety glasses ,laser safety window , the protection wavelength from 200nm~10600nm, wavelength covers 405nm purple, 450nm and 473nm blue, 520nm 532nm green ,635nm 660nm red , and infrared beam 808nm,980nm, 1064nm, 1070nm and 1080nm, CO2 laser and 10600nm laser protection . 
Those laser safety products we offered hold the features of high Optical density and good VLT. 
All our products meet with European CE standard N207:1998+A1:2002, and we have CE certificate


Product Picture of VY Laser Protective Glasses 


Video of VY Optical IPL Machine Laser Protective Glasses 



How to Select Laser Eyewear

1. Know your laser's wavelength.

2. Determine the protection level needed based on your laser's output parameters, or look for the recommended Optical Density (OD). This can be found in your laser manual.

3. Select a filter whose specifications match the above information. ...

4. Find a frame that's right for you.



1)The laser safety glasses can not be used against other kind of lasers rather than the above mentioned wavelength.

2) Don't look into the laser beam directly.

3) Please clean and disinfect the glasses with soapy water or Johnson Glass Cleaner etc.,

4) Donot store the glasses under sunlight, high temperature directly.

5) Please note if this eye-protectors and filters against laser radiation which have been damaged, or have undergone a color change shall not be used any more.

6) Please note there is also a risk of exposure to laser radiation due to reflection from reflective parts (including eye-protectors), tilting or misalignment of optical components

7)Please note in the area where there is a risk of exposure to laser radiation, an appropriate eye-protection should be worn by all person

8) Please check the transmission curves of this glasses in appendix file

9) Accessories: Cleaning fabric, String cord, gift box

10) Please note that scratched or damaged oculars should be replaced

11)We recommend a use for a period of 3 years, the duration of use depends on various factors such as cleaning, storage and maintenance


People also ask

How do laser goggles work?

Laser safety glasses have colored or special clear lenses that filter light. They block certain wavelengths of light (either visible or invisible) and allow other light through. ...Laser lenses are usually impregnated with special chemicals and dyes which allow them to block the wavelengths they block

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