Laser Protective Window

Item Number:P20W4Y7601

Laser protective windows are used to protect from material splatter during laser cutting, laser welding, and laser engraving etc.. The substrate of the window is normally JGS1 or Fused Silica(FS). The protective window which will be used at laser cutting head to protect the focusing lens in case of damage. We can provide any wavelength anti-reflection coating according to customer demand, BK7, Ge and ZnSe are also available.

  • Material: BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, LT, LN etc..
  • Dimension: 1.0mm-460mm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm-30mm
  • Surface Accuracy: lambda/20
  • Surface Quality: 10-5
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
  • Parallelism: 30"

Laser protective window is mainly used in laser cutting to prevent debris splash to damage the lens.coated with high damage threshold (>15J/cm2) anti-reflection coating to reduce the reflection,is now widely used in optical cutting, laser marking and other applications.

Since the cost of the lenses used in fiber laser cutting machines which have become widespread in recent years, is high, it is aimed to increase the lifetime of the lenses with laser protective windows. Therefore, the consumed product in fiber laser cutting machines are laser protective windows. The transmittance characteristics of these windows directly affect the cut quality.You can improve your cutting quality and provide full protection to the lens of your machine by means of laser protection windows made of silica based material for fiber lasers manufactured by VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

The substrate of the window is normally Fused Silica(FS), or K9 glass. We can provide any wavelength antireflection coating according to customer demand, BK7, Ge and ZnSe are also available.

Features of our Laser Protective Glass

1) Waveband: 1064nm, 1080nm, 10.6μm, 980nm, 808nm,532nm, 355nm
2) Coating: mainly AR coating, no energy loss, high Laser damage threshold;
3) Function: Laser cutting of metal at 1064nm,10.6μm
4) Merit: high temperature resistance and transmittance, low loss rate;Imported fused silica substrate, K9 double-sided coated broadband AR coating, resistant to high laser damage threshold, resistant to high laser power of 6000-10000W

Basic parameters of laser protection window

  • Diameter: 20-150mm (Customized)
  • Thickness: 1-9mm (Customized)
  • Dimension tolerance:+/-0.1mm
  • Protective Chamfer
  • Average Transmission >99.5%
  • Incident Angle: 0+/-5 degrees
  • Surface quality: 40/20
  • Coating: AR coating on both sides with high threshold

Normal size of Laser co2 laser protective window we produced usually, special dimension can be also customized as per your request.

Laser Protective Windows
Material Diameter (mm) Thickness(mm)
Fused Silica 20.00 2.00
Fused Silica 20.00 3.00
Fused Silica 22.35 4.00
Fused Silica 24.90 1.50
Fused Silica 25.40 4.00
Fused Silica 25.40 5.00
Fused Silica 26.50 5.00
Fused Silica 28.00 4.00
Fused Silica 30.00 1.50
Fused Silica 30.00 2.00
Fused Silica 30.00 4.00
Fused Silica 30.00 5.00
Fused Silica 29.70 4.70
Fused Silica 34.00 3.00
Fused Silica 34.00 5.00
Fused Silica 35.00 4.00
Fused Silica 36.00 2.00
Fused Silica 36.00 5.00
Fused Silica 37.00 7.00
Fused Silica 40.00 2.00
Fused Silica 40.00 5.00
Fused Silica 38.10 1.50
Fused Silica 20.00 5.00
Fused Silica 25.00 2.00
Fused Silica 25.00 3.00
Fused Silica 27.00 5.00
Fused Silica 30.00 3.00
Fused Silica 32.00 4.00
Fused Silica 35.00 1.50
Fused Silica 38.00 2.00
Fused Silica 38.00 3.00
Fused Silica 38.00 5.00
Fused Silica 38.00 6.00
Fused Silica 38.00 7.00
Fused Silica 42.00 9.00
Fused Silica 45.00 3.00
Fused Silica 48.00 2.00
Fused Silica 60.00 3.00
Fused Silica 75.00 2.00
Fused Silica 80.00 2.00
Fused Silica 98.00 2.00
Fused Silica 105.00 3.00
Fused Silica 134.00 3.00

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