2023 Newest Thermal Spotting Tactical Night Vision Device Hunting Scope

Item Number:X-VY-20231101

A sight or sighting device is any device used to assist in precise visual alignment of ranged weapons, surveying instruments, aircraft equipmen or optical illumination equipments with the intended target.

  • Field of view: ≥8°(Horizontal)×6°(Vertical)
  • Minimum equivalent magnification: ≥3×
  • Pupil distance: ≥30mm
  • Clear imaging range: 10m~∞
  • Diopter adjustment range: -5SD~+2SD
  • Recognition distance: (1~3)×10-3lx≥400m

What is Sight?

Sights can be a simple set or system of physical markers that serve as visual references for directly aligning the user's line of sight with the target or optical instruments that provide an optically enhanced target image aligned in the same focus with an aiming point.

There are also sights that actively project an illuminated point of aim  onto the target itself so it can be observed by anyone with a direct view, such as laser sights and infrared illuminators on some night vision devices, as well as augmented or even virtual reality-enabled digital cameras with software algorithms that produce digitally enhanced target images.


Application of sight

A sight typically has two components, front and rear aiming pieces that have to be lined up. 
Sights such as this can be found on many types of devices including weapons, surveying and measuring instruments, and navigational tools.

Optical sights use optics that give the user an enhanced image with an aligned aiming point or pattern  superimposed onto the target image, preferably at the same focal plane.


VY Optics's Custom Gun sight pictures


Specification of Laser Sight 

Specifications Data
Field of view ≥8°(Horizontal)×6°(Vertical)
Minimum equivalent magnification ≥3×
Pupil distance ≥30mm
Clear imaging range 10m~∞
Total Diopter adjustment range -5SD~+2SD
Recognition distance  (1~3)×10-3lx≥400m
Divide adjustment range (height, direction) ≥±20mil


Detailed Video of VY Optics's Laser Sight Light Scope



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People also ask

  • What is a sight on a gun?
    A sight is a device used to line up the muzzle with the shooter's eye so that he or she can hit the target. Sights are more critical on a firearm that fires a single projectile (rifle and handgun) than on a firearm that shoots a pattern of shot (shotgun).

  • Is it site or sight on a gun?
    gunsight, also called Sight, any of numerous optical devices that aid in aiming a firearm. Its forms include the simple iron sights on pistols and the more complex front and rear sights on target and high-powered sporting rifles.

  • Do all guns have a sight?
    Most civilian, hunting, and police long guns and nearly all handguns feature open sights, while many military battle rifles usually employ aperture sights.

  • Is a red dot or scope better for hunting?
    If your hunting typically involves only close-range shots, especially in open areas where an optic with magnification is not needed to resolve intervening brush or to enhance low-light resolution, a red-dot sight can be ideal. Besides feral hog hunting, dangerous-game hunting for buffalo, hippo and elephant qualifies.

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