Changchun Custom Multi-hole Quartz Laser Flow Tubes and Cavity Filters

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VY offer single hole flow tubes as well as multi-hole flow tubes used as cavity filters in lamp pumped lasers.

  • Material: Quartz glass, fused silica, Cerium doped quartz, Europium Doped Quartz, Titanium doped quartz, Samarium doped quartz glass
  • Dimension: 3.00mm-380.00mmm
  • Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Surface Accuracy: As requested
  • Surface Quality: 60/40
  • Clear Aperature: 95%
  • Coating: Optional

What is Flow Tube used for?

Flow Tubes are used as filter media in the laser cavity of flash lamp pumped solid-state laser systems. Flow Tubes transmit the ideal pumping bands while filtering undesired UV radiation
and parasitic lasing.


Types of Glass Laser Flow Tubes

VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. produce laser cavity filters according to the customer’s specifications, with single hole, double and triple holes….based on the different applications or properties.



Material of Laser Cavity Filters

The material chosen for the laser flow tube will depend on your application. According to different application and performance requirements, the available materials are as follows:


  • Synthetic Quartz
  • Fused Silica
  • Cerium Doped Quartz
  • Europium Doped Quartz
  • Titanium Doped Quartz
  • Samarium Doped Quartz Glass

The laser cavity (condensing cavity) is mainly used for lasers, with the wide application of laser technology, the cavity style has also undergone various changes.

Compared with ceramic concentrating cavity and resin concentrating cavity, quartz material is corrosion-resistant, not easy to be damaged, easy to clean, and has a long working life. The laser cavity made of quartz glass as raw material, which enables the laser to run stably and reliably for a long time.


Quartz Doped Samarium Two Holes Laser Cavity Picture




Specificaitons of Two Holes Laser Cavity

Material Quartz Doped Samarium
Length 85mm
Width 24.5mm
Height 13mm
Aperture 10mm

Detailed Video of Laser Flow Tubes



Factory production video

People Also ask


  • What is laser cavity mode?
    Laser mode means the possible standing waves in laser cavity. We see that stimulated lights are transmitted back and forth between the mirrors and interfere with each other, as a result
    only light whose round trip distance is integer multiples of the wavelength l can become a standing wave.

  • What is the difference between cavity filter and bandpass filter?
    Band Pass Filter (BPF) and Cavity Diplexer have one thing in common that they both have to deal with frequency filtering. BPF lets only the frequency of a particular range to pass while 
    Cavity Diplexer keeps frequencies separated that are received and transmitted.

  • What are the advantages of cavity filter?
    Cavity filters offer the user very low insertion loss, steep skirt selectivity, and narrower bandwidths than discrete component filters. Smiths Interconnect's waveguide filters provide 
    low-loss solutions for high power applications.


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