China supplier optical glass cuboid prism custom length 6096mm bk7 prism

Item Number:X-P23P8C3501B

Optical prism is widely used in optical instrument. Prism can be divided into several types based on their properties and uses. For example, Triangular Prism, Dove Prism, Right Angle Prism, Roof Prism, Wedge Prism, Pyramid Prism, etc..

  • Material: BK7, sapphire glass, quartz glass, etc.
  • Dimension: 10-200mm
  • Surface Accuracy: 60-40 or better
  • Size Tolerance: +/-0.1mm or better
  • Angle Tolerance: +/-3’or 30”
  • Coating: Optional

  • Prisms are solid glass optical devices that have been ground and polished into geometric and optical shapes.
    This Cuboid Prism is customized from k9 crystal glass, and all surfaces are polished. Used to observe light refraction.



  • Specifications
    Material BK7
    Length 6096mm
    Width 1524mm
    Height 1224mm
    Surfaces polished bright


  • Detailed video presentation:


  • People Also Ask
  1. What are optical prisms used for? 
    Due to optical prisms redirecting light at a specified angle, they can be used to reflect light, bend light within the system, change the direction of the image, or decompose light into component wavelengths or polarization.
  2. Do prism glasses really work?
    Prisms can not only move images to improve vision, but also promote changes in perception, as the bottom of the prism slows down the speed of light entering the eye, causing objects to appear further away. Therefore, prisms can promote improvements in depth perception, posture, gait, and motion patterns.
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