F-theta scanning lens

Material: Optical Glass and Metal
Dimension: Customize
Thickness: Customize
Tolerance : Customize

    F-Theta scan lenses are developed for input beam sizes less than 8mm, and they are compact with a common thread of M39x1.
    Field mirror includes F-theta lens and telecentric lens, due to the cost and expense of telecentric lens is expensive, F-theta lens is mainly used in laser marking machine for industrial application.
    F-theta scanning objective lens is a professional lens system, the purpose is to form a uniform size of focused spot through a laser beam in the entire laser marking plane. 
    Telecentric F-Theta Scan lens is a special type of lens system whereby the deflected off-axial laser beam can be perpendicularly focused to work piece as similar to the on-axial focusing beam. The advantage of the telecentric scan lens is that it is able to flatten the field curvature to the least distortion and yet offering superb spot quality throughout the scan field.
    Achromatic F-theta Scan Lens, when a vision system is being integrated into laser machining system, our achromatic telecentic scan lenses are colourcorrected between working wavelength and vision wavelength. The achromatic telecentric scan lens offers the benefits as same as the normal telecentic lens yet able to provide accurate vision positioning function. It is very useful for online inspection systems where the operator does not need to have offline inspection on the work piece.

● Function of field mirror: 
   1) Improve the ability of the edge beam to be incident on the detector;
   2) In the same main optical system, the additional field lens will reduce the area of the detector; if the same detector area is used, the field of view can be enlarged to increase the incident flux;
   3) Uniform the uneven illumination on the photosensitive surface of detector.
● Main parameter
   1) Work wavelength, it's depended on wavelength of laser
   2.Entrance pupil
maximum diameter of the light beam is equal to the diameter of the entrance pupil
   3) Scan range, Select the most suitable field lens according to different processing areas, or alternate the field mirror with several different scanning ranges.
   4) Spot diameter, 
● Application:
   1) Laser marking machines
   2) Stage lighting
   3) Scientific experiments
   4) Laser measuring instrumentsA

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