IR Materials advantages

Apr 19,2021

VY OptoelectronicsVY, a renowned provider of optical components, vy can provide a variety of infrared material products including germanium and siliconIR materials are appropriate for applications such as electro-optic sensors, medical imaging,missile and rocket windows, spectroscopy, and thermal imaging. 


Advantages of silicon materials

  • Cubic in nature and will not exhibit birefringence
  • High environmental durability
  • Silicon is lower in density making it ideal for weight-sensitive applications when compared to other popular IR materials such as germanium and zinc selenide
  • Thermal stability
  • More cost-effective for mid-wave applications than other IR materials

Advantages of germanium material

  • Highest refractive index and lowest optical dispersion of commonly available IR-transmitting materials
  • Germanium is relatively hard with high-density making it ideal for IR applications requiring rugged optics
  • Generally, an anti-reflection coating is recommended on germanium windows for sufficient transmission in the region of interest
  • Subject to decreases in transmission as temperature increases, therefore, it must be used at temperatures below 100°C
  • Germanium makes an effective 50:50 beamsplitter without the need for coatings  

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About EO:

VY Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing kinds of optical precision element and photographic lens &accessory. Through many years' hard work and positive innovation, we have became a optical company integrating lens design, production and sales. 
Our company has strong production capacity, in possession of the domestically top production line and excellent workers, they are experienced and could produce wide range of lenses; in addition, the VY design group develops world-class optomechanical and mechatronics systems for customer needs in the fields of Space and Scientific Instrumentation and the Semiconductor Industry. We push the limits of technology, to stimulate industry and enable scientific discovery. Application of our items are very extensive and involves in military, aerospace, industry, scientific,medical instrument, photoelectric device, optical communication and mechanical equipment and so on. 

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