Optical Beamsplitter Cube Glued Prisms

Item Number:19P3T20

  • Material: K9 glass, fused silica glass, SF11 glass etc.
  • Dimension: 1mm-300mm
  • Surface Accuracy: lambda / 10
  • Size Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
  • Angle Tolerance: 30 arc seconds
  • Coating: AR coating, non-polarizing coating, optional ,customized

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     Beamsplitter Cube is a more sophisticated type consisting of two right- angle prisms cemented together at their hypotenuse faces. The cemented face of one prism is coated. Before cementing, with a metallic or dielectric layer having the desired reflecting properties, both in the percentage of reflection and the desired color. The absorption loss to the coating is minimal and transmission and reflection approach 50%.
     Our beamsplitter cubes are available in polarizing or non-polarizing models. The polarizing options will split light of s- and p-polarization states differently, while the non-polarizing cube beamsplitters are designed to split incident light by a specified ratio that is independent of the light's wavelength or polarization state. 

      Some of the key parameters to think about are:  the wavelength range, polarization and physical size requirements.  Also, if the beam splitter will be used inside an interferometer,  you may need to consider path length and phase matching requirements.  It is always good if you can explain how you will be using your beam splitter, it can really help us to define out your requirements.

     Welcome to inquire us about your special requirement of beamsplitter cube, we also have beamsplitter with dimension of 10mm in stock right now, price and delivery is very competitive.

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