VY Optics Lens Rigorous Tested Optical Lenses Microscope Eyepiece Monitor Eyepiece

Item Number:X-VY-20240418

Infrared lens equipped with infrared detector is mainly vanadium oxide and polysilicon.Infrared lenses can display silhouettes of people or animals based on temperature differences in total darkness.

Pictures of Infrared Monitor Eyepiece


Specifications of Monitor Eyepiece

Focal length 15.53
Magnification 16 times
Field of view  34°
Design waveband 400nm~700nm
Exit pupil diameter 5mm
Exit pupil distance 25mm
Visual accommodation ±5SD
Matching display size 0.39 inches
Mechanical Mount customizable


Video of Infrared Monitor Eyepieces


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People also ask

  • What is an infrared lens?
    An IR camera lens makes images from thermal radiation, aka infrared or heat. This is why IR camera custom lenses are made of materials such as germanium, silicon, chalcogenide glass, and other substances that have low absorption and are transparent in the infrared spectrum.
  • What is the best lens for driving at night?
    Night driving glasses have non-prescription yellow or amber-tinted lenses and can be purchased over the counter. Yellow-tinted lenses for night driving help to filter out blue light, the light most likely to cause glare when it enters the eye.

  • How can I improve my night vision?
    It is best to wear sunglasses to minimize the exposure of your eyes to bright sunlight. Keep the brightness of your computer screen or smart phones lower, especially when you are in a very dark room. These devices can reduce your night vision. Before entering a dark environment close your eyes first.

  • Does night vision decrease with age?
    As you age, the muscles weaken and don't work quite as efficiently, which can make it harder to see in dim light. Fewer Rods. Rods are photoreceptor cells in your retina that are sensitive to light changes. They're essential for good night vision but tend to decrease with age.

  • What is camera eyepiece?
    Also known as eyepieces, the main function of these accessories is to provide a comfortable point of contact when using the camera viewfinder. In addition, they block extreneous light to improve viewing in bright conditions and help seal the viewfinder against your eye in the rain.


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