Optical Meniscus lens

Item Number:W-P20D2T1801A

  • Material: BK7 or other optical materials
  • Dimension: Customized
  • Size Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Coating: Optional

What is meniscus lens?

Meniscus lens is a lens which has two spherical curved surfaces, convex on one side and concave on the other side. It is thicker at the center than at the edges. The lens provides a smaller beam diameter in order to reduce the beam waste and spherical aberration.

Types of meniscus lenses

  • Positive lenses: Which used in applications that require small focal number, which is less than 2.5. For focal numbers ranging between 2.5 and 10, meniscus lens can minimize spot size and enhance image quality. The concave side of the positive lens has a smaller curvature, and the convex side has a greater curvature.
  • Negative meniscus:The lenses which are used for applications using infrared materials with high refractive index. These lenses are used as an alternative to other negative lenses with a greater curvature on the concave side and a smaller curvature on the convex side. They are used in beam expanding applications that require minimal spherical aberration.

Meniscus lenses from VY

Specifiction of our meniscus lens as follow:
Material: BK7 or other optical materials 
Dimension Tolerance :+0.0~-0.1mm 
Center Thickness: +/-0.1mm 
Focal Length Tolerance:+/-1%
Surface Quality:40/20
Surface Figure:lambda/2 at 633nm on plano side 
Clear Aperture: >90%
Chamfer: 0.25mm at 45 degree typical 
Coating: Optional 

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